Hives is a skin condition characterized by raised, itchy red welts (wheals)
which appear and disappear on your skin. You get hives when your immune
system reacts to a certain stimuli and releases a chemical called histamine
into your blood stream.

This chemical causes small blood vessels to leak blood into the surrounding
skin. This blood is what causes your skin to show red where the hives occur.
Over many hours, the blood is gradually absorbed deeper into the skin tissues
and the redness disappears.

There are many causes of hives among them being, an allergic reaction to food,
something in the air, a chemical in certain products such as laundry detergent
or even cold/hot temperature.

About 30-40% of people who have hives have underlying medical conditions so it's
important to do a medical checkup with a health professional. If your hives
condition lasts for several days or longer, its time to see a doctor. Your
doctor will prescribe some type of antihistamine to give you relief from your
itchy hives. An antihistamine blocks the release of histamines which are causing
your hives.

Many people often do not feel any better after visiting a doctor so they try
anything including hives home remedies. There are several home treatments which
can help you relieve your hives.

Applying any of the following products on your hives may help:

Vitamin E Oil
Soaking in water filled with corn starch and baking soda
Aloe vera gel
Milk of magnesia
Oatmeal and hot water (soak in it)

You may also try drinking herbal teas such as chamomile, valerian and peppermint.

For an alternative hives treatment plan that works, I recommend you check out this site.